Uniform is worn as a sign of commitment to Monkton Wood Academy and its ethos. We have high expectations of appearance and, therefore, we expect parents and students to co-operate with us to promote the highest standards of appearance, manners and behaviour.

We expect all students to adhere to our uniform policy. We expect parents to support this policy by ensuring that their children leave home in the morning correctly dressed for working in school. Please ensure all items of uniform are marked with the child’s name and form.

The Monkton Wood uniform comprises

  • A black V-neck jumper with logo
  • A black school skirt with logo, black tailored trousers or black tailored shorts
  • A white shirt which may be long or short sleeved
  • A school tie
  • Black polishable formal shoes, with flat soles
  • Plain black socks or tights, with no visible logos

Monkton Wood Jumper with Logo

Students should wear their school jumper at all times unless they have permission to take it off.


Must be formal, black and with a flat sole. We do not allow trainers, including but not limited to those manufactured by Nike, Vans or Converse. We do not allow pumps or boots. All shoes should be plain, with no patterns or logos. If you are not sure, please see the uniform guide with pictures. If your child has a medical condition which means they must wear specific footwear, parents should discuss this with their child’s year head on an annual basis; medical evidence may be required. The NHS provides guidance on suitable school shoes for hypermobility.


Must be standard, tailored school trousers. They must not be ‘skinnies’, flares, jeggings, leggings or jeans. Trousers with back-patch pockets and fashion belts are not allowed. If you are not sure, please see the uniform guide with pictures.

Tailored shorts

Students can also wear black tailored shorts, with or without tights. See uniform guide for pictures for acceptable styles.

Jewellery and make-up

We ask parents to note that all jewellery must be removed for PE / dance lessons. This includes instances where a child has recently pierced their ears/nose. We recommend that any new piercings are carried out at the start of the school summer holidays, to allow the recommended six-week healing process.

Students may wear:

  • A single neck chain of sentimental or religious significance
  • A single plain ring on one finger per hand
  • A single stud or sleeper in each ear lobe
  • One bracelet or watch on each arm
  • A single nose stud, in either plain silver, gold, or in clear plastic. Nose rings, septum rings and all other piercings are not allowed.

Make-up, if worn, should be discreet and natural. Make-up should be age-appropriate. We do not allow false eyelashes. Students may wear coloured nail polish, but false nails and nail extensions are not allowed.

Hair styles should be neat, and hair colours limited to natural tones. Extreme hairstyles are not appropriate for school, for example, hair shorter than a grade two.

Outside coats and jackets

Should be plain and suitable for the weather conditions. We do not allow hoodies, which will be confiscated if worn. Hats, if worn, must be removed on arrival into school.

Exceptional weather

In cases of exceptional weather, the uniform policy may be revised, and this will be clearly communicated to parents.

Incorrect uniform

If a student arrives at school with incorrect uniform, their year head or a member of the senior leadership team may:

  1. provide a change of uniform from the uniform hub in student reception.
  2. send the student home to correct the uniform, having first contacted the parents/carers.

If a student refuses to change into acceptable uniform, or to go home to change, they will spend breaks and lunchtimes in detention until they are fully compliant with the uniform policy.

Uniform support

The school can support with uniform grants to help parents/carers with getting new uniform. Please contact your child’s head of year for more information.

We also have a large supply of second-hand uniform. If you would like to request some second-hand uniform, please contact your child’s head of year and we will try to support where possible.

Our uniform principles

  1. Health and safety​ – ensuring students are safe in the busy environment of a school, including on playgrounds, workshops, science labs and playing fields​.
  2. Ready for learning – ensuring students can access all learning activities, such as using a computer keyboard, drills and Bunsen burners​.
  3. Business attire​ – maintaining a professional atmosphere, suitable for the work environment, and creating a sense of purpose and pride.
  4. Affordable and equitable​ – ensuring a unified school community, with no apparent inequalities of wealth. Ensuring no parent will feel they have let their child down if they are not able to afford fashion items of clothes or footwear​.
  5. Protecting childhood​ – appropriate for children aged 16 and under​
  6. Avoiding sexist or transphobic policies​ – not allowing old-dated, misogynistic or transphobic language or attitudes to persist​.


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