The History curriculum at Monkton Wood Academy aims to provide students with a deep understanding of the past, enabling them to answer the profound question: “Who are we?” The subject is taught in a way that fosters critical thinking and encourages students to engage with different historical narratives. Through the study of various time periods and themes, students develop skills such as causation, consequence, using evidence, interpretations, significance, and similarity and difference.

Key Stage 3

In Year 7, students explore the Roman Empire, examining how it was built, why it collapsed, and its impact on conflict and warfare. They also investigate power and citizenship through the lens of King John and the revolting peasants, analysing the tensions and shifts in power during this period. Additionally, they delve into the worlds of God and Allah, comparing and examining social changes.

Year 8 focuses on the exploration of the New World, Tudor religious conflicts, the power dynamics between Parliament and the King, the lasting impact of the slave trade, local study of Taunton’s experience in the Industrial Revolution, and Jane Austen’s insights into Georgian Britain. These topics allow students to understand conflict, power, and social change during different historical periods.

In Year 9, students study the causes and consequences of the First World War, Europe’s turn to dictators, the Holocaust, the societal impact of the ‘swinging 60s’ and the significance of the Cold War. By examining conflict and warfare, power and citizenship, and everyday life, students gain a comprehensive understanding of major historical events and their effects on society.

Key Stage 4

During Year 10, students study the AQA curriculum, focusing on two topics: “Britain: Health and the People: c1000 – Present Day” and “Germany, 1890 – 1945: Democracy and Dictatorship”. These modules explore the evolution of medicine, public health, and surgery in Britain, as well as the growth of democracy and the rise of Hitler’s dictatorship in Germany.

In Year 11, students delve into the “Conflict and Tension in Asia: 1950-1975” module, which covers the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the subsequent conflicts in Asia during that period. Additionally, students explore Norman England, focusing on the Norman Conquest, life under Norman rule, the Norman Church, and a historic site within its context.

By the end of Key Stage 4, students have developed a comprehensive understanding of significant historical events, acquired essential historical skills, and explored different perspectives, enabling them to critically analyse the past and its implications for the present.

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