Psychology at Monkton Wood Academy is a popular subject among students, with a high number of them choosing to study it at Key Stage 4 (KS4) and even continuing it at A-Level. The curriculum covers a wide range of interesting topics, from criminal psychology to social influence, with a focus on both classic and modern psychological theories and research. Students are encouraged to actively engage with the subject through practical applications and research projects. The course emphasises the development of core knowledge and skills, including an understanding of scientific methods, effective evaluation of theories and studies, and the analysis and evaluation of psychological information. The subject also places a strong emphasis on mental health, providing students with an awareness of psychological issues and debates.

Key Stage 4

In year 10, students are introduced to the fundamental concepts of psychology. They explore various topics such as criminal psychology, developmental psychology, psychological problems, memory, and social influence. These topics are designed to provide a foundation for further study in Key Stage 4. Students engage in activities and assessments to enhance their understanding of key theories, research studies, and applications of psychology. They also develop skills in writing, evaluation, analysis, and application of psychological knowledge.

Year 11 delves into research methods, sleep and dreaming, and prepares students for GCSE exams through revision and exam practice. Throughout both years, students engage in assessments, complete homework tasks, and use various resources to support their learning. The curriculum places importance on the application of research methods to other topics, effective evaluation of theories and studies, and the development of synoptic skills to make connections across different elements of the subject.

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