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Art is an engaging and creative subject taught at Monkton Wood Academy, designed to inspire students and develop their artistic skills and understanding. The curriculum is structured to provide a comprehensive exploration of various artistic elements, techniques, and concepts. Students will have the opportunity to work with different media and materials, including drawing, painting, printmaking, digital media, sculpture, textiles, and more.

Key Stage 3

During Key Stage 3, students will embark on a journey of artistic exploration through a variety of projects and themes. In Year 7, they will begin with the “natural forms” project, where they will learn to observe and record natural objects, understanding the role of line in art. They will also study the work of artist Jess Phoenix and create their own painting inspired by natural forms.

Moving on to Year 8, students will delve into the “manmade” project, focusing on colour and studying the work of artist Juan Gris. They will develop their drawing and design skills, incorporating colour and tone to create depth in their artwork. In addition, they will explore landscapes, perspective, and texture, inspired by the artist Rebecca Vincent.

Year 9 introduces students to art history with a focus on modern art, particularly Pop Art, through the “art history” project. They will analyse the work of Karan Singh and create their own silkscreen prints. The “portrait” project in Year 9 explores the proportions of the face, studying artist Luke Dixon and creating portrait drawings with bold colour elements. Finally, students will examine community and racial equality through the “identity” project, inspired by the work of artist Faith Ringgold, and create their own quilted squares.

Key Stage 4

In Year 10, students begin the coursework portfolio component of the GCSE (60%) in Unit 1a. They will respond to various starting points and project briefs, demonstrating critical understanding of sources, refining their work through experimentation with different media and techniques. Students will maintain a record of ideas, observations, and insights as their work progresses, leading to a personal and meaningful response that showcases their understanding of visual language.

Continuing with the GCSE coursework portfolio in Unit 1b, Year 10 students further develop their ideas and engage in meaningful research. They explore a range of media, such as drawing, painting, printing, digital media, and sculpture, to create work that fulfils the assessment criteria. The focus remains on refining their work, documenting their artistic process, and presenting a response that reflects their intentions.

In Year 11, students complete the coursework portfolio component of the GCSE in Unit 1b. They continue to refine their work, exploring ideas and materials while documenting their progress. Additionally, they face the externally set exam component of the GCSE (40%) in Unit 2. Students respond to a starting point provided by AQA, working independently within specified time constraints to produce a personal and meaningful response that demonstrates their critical understanding of sources, experimentation with media, and ability to communicate through visual language.

Throughout Key Stage 4, students will be encouraged to develop their artistic skills, explore their own artistic style, and showcase their creativity and understanding of art principles and techniques.

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