Religion, Philosophy & Ethics

Religion, Philosophy, and Ethics (RPE) at Monkton Wood Academy aims to provide students with a broad understanding of the world we live in. The curriculum focuses on religious literacy, philosophical inquiry, and ethical reflection. The subject encourages students to develop core knowledge about various belief systems and their influence on believers, fostering a culture of tolerance and respect. Additionally, RPE aims to cultivate an enquiring mind, enabling students to explore ultimate questions and articulate philosophical ideas while developing their own opinions. The subject also helps students understand and reflect upon moral issues, allowing them to articulate different beliefs and moral frameworks, as well as develop their own ethical perspectives. Ultimately, the RPE curriculum at Heathfield plays a fundamental role in fostering critical thinking, reflection, and respect in young people.

Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3, RPE covers a range of thought-provoking topics. During Term 1, students explore the subject itself, examining what RPE is and pondering how an alien would perceive the world on Christmas Day in Taunton. Term 2 delves into the nature of humanity, discussing concepts like the human soul, dualism, materialism, and ethical considerations regarding the treatment of animals. Term 3 introduces Sikhism, exploring its core beliefs, the significance of the 5Ks, and the role of Sikh Gurus in British society. In Term 4, the focus shifts to Jesus and his inspirational qualities, encouraging students to consider his teachings, role as a teacher, and his perception of importance. Term 5 continues the exploration of Jesus’ inspirational aspects and examines Holy Week and Easter as expressions of Christian belief. In the final term (Term 6), students contemplate the relevance of Jesus in the 21st century and envision what a modern-day Jesus might be like.

Key Stage 4

In Key Stage 4, RPE follows the GCSE curriculum, preparing students for the examination papers. Year 10 covers various topics related to Christian beliefs and practices, including the nature of God, Jesus’ life and teachings, Christian practices such as prayer and worship, and the role of the Church in the community and the world. Buddhism is also introduced, with an exploration of the life of Buddha, Buddhist teachings, practices, and different Buddhist traditions. In Year 11, the focus shifts to exploring relationships and families, examining topics such as sexuality, marriage, contraception, and the purpose of the family. The subject then delves into religion, peace, and conflict, addressing concepts of peace, justice, and reconciliation, violence, war, and the role of religion in conflicts. Finally, students explore religion, crime, and punishment, considering the causes of crime, different types of crime, aims of punishment, treatment of criminals, and the concept of forgiveness.

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