Music education at Monkton Wood Academy is divided into three core musical disciplines: performance, composition and deliberate listening. These core disciplines are taught through the elements of music (Dr Smith) and woven together throughout all music topics to provide our students with an evolving development of powerful music knowledge and musical understanding. These embody the core qualities of a successful Heathfield learner in music. The core qualities developed throughout their music education include: leadership, problem-solving, teamwork, negotiating, resilience, time management, cultural history, confidence, social skills, and a sense of achievement, along with many others.

Key Stage 3

The curriculum follows a musical journey of learning which has been developed using the structure featured above. The development of the three core disciplines of music throughout the KS3 curriculum has been based on the academic and practical expectations for GCSE and BTEC, such as key concepts and skills required by the end of these courses. These schemes of work develop students’ understanding of the musical elements through composition, deliberate listening activities and practical study.

Years 7, 8 and 9 will study a variety of musical genres and topics (including a collection of historical and cultural features) which allow students to explore, develop and refine their musical skills. Each scheme of work has a project focus which aims to develop a range core disciplines while our students learn how to utilise and transfer their knowledge and skill set to progress through the Key Stages.

Key Stage 4

Year 10 begins with an introduction to film music, focusing on dynamics. Students prepare for the GCSE listening paper and composition in a film music style. They revise musical elements, instruments of the orchestra, and music for stage and screen. Year 10 also covers an introduction to pop music, recognising styles and features and preparing for the GCSE listening paper and composition and performance coursework. They revise primary chords and pop music structure.

In Year 11, students focus on listening and appraising, exploring musical forms, devices, and genres like popular music and musical fusions. They study specific set works such as Bach’s Badinerie and TOTO’s “Africa”. Composition and performance coursework are also essential components of the curriculum, allowing students to demonstrate their skills and creativity.

The music curriculum provides students with a comprehensive understanding of various musical elements, genres, and skills, fostering their creativity, critical thinking, and appreciation for music across different cultures and eras.

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